Website to which I contributed during my internship at Gnoesis Inc. in Montreal in 2010.

This site is a bore for allowing the Canadian Army Canadian Forces members and their friends and relations, find military friends, collaborate, learn and express their voices and concerns.

Those involved with this social network members are the Canadian Army, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Police, Rangers, and of course civilians wishing to remain in touch with their relatives.

The site includes a search engine, allowing members to find friends, or by similar interests, either through their professional activities, by age, or sex. Site members can then view profiles and pictures of other members and even communicate via instant messaging, private email or webcam. They may also participate in forums discussing and cats express their opinions in a monthly newsletter about complex military situations, while maintaining confidentiality.

Centurio - Portait pour l'armée Canadienne

Technologies used:

  • with c# and Sql Server 2008
  • Procedures stoquées
  • Javascript

See website: http://centurio.ca

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